Tenders, Augmented Reality, Consulting Engineering and more – Day 2 Wrap

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June 20, 2019
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June 22, 2019
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Tenders, Augmented Reality, Consulting Engineering and more – Day 2 Wrap

On day two, the enormity of the mock-tender has created a flurry of activity among the cohort as the two teams construct their response to the RFT and compile, what they hope is, a winning bid. With Tender Managers appointed, project team roles allocated and an ever-increasing task list, the WH&S room at the Construction Training Centre was a hive of activity as plans were made, models created, materials lists developed and methodologies began to take shape.

Constructionarium Project Manager, Seymour Whyte’s Amandine Daniel was impressed by how quickly the teams have formed “Right from the first morning there has been a real buzz and energy among the cohort, they have embraced the concept of Constructionarium fully and are starting to work incredibly well in their teams. As any industry veteran will tell you, there is nothing quite like the fun and pressure of responding to a tender. The sheer enormity of ensuring that you meet every criterion the client requests and then exceeding their expectations is a real challenge and while there isn’t a contract at the end of this exercise the winning tender will be used to build the bridge next week. ”

The morning session’s first guest was Dwayne Rosie of partners Trimble. Dwayne is an expert in augmented reality and modelling and took the team through SketchUp which the teams are using to visualise their designs and construction methodologies. Dwayne and Trimble’s training guru, Rachel Deeb,  also spent a significant amount of time taking the teams through SketchUP and the use of augmented reality and how it can support the design and construction of major projects. It is safe to say everyone involved was blown away with the level of detail and accuracy of the Story Bridge visualisations. And thanks to the team at Trimble every participant will receive a 1-year subscription to SketchUp so they can put their learning into practice when the programme ends.

Our lunchtime speaker was Mark Fairweather of partners HDR who gave the group an introduction into consulting engineering and the opportunities that are out there to work on amazing projects all across the globe. Mark was generous in passing on his insights on everything from leadership, to network creation and remembering to enjoy every minute of your career Mark’s presentation was very well received and certainly fired up the imagination of the group as to where their future careers can lead.

The rest of the afternoon was spent getting back to the mammoth task of completing the tender. Once again, the teams displayed their enthusiasm and desire to succeed even showing a little healthy competitive spirit which is spurring them all on to learn as much as they can and to produce their best work.

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