On time and ahead of schedule – Day 7 Wrap

Rain, Rain, Go Away – Day 6 Wrap
June 26, 2019
The Bridge to Equality – Final Wrap Up
July 1, 2019
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On time and ahead of schedule – Day 7 Wrap

‘This bridge will be finished today!” was a very bold claim made in the Story Bridge Build site office at The Construction Training Centre early on Thursday morning.

With two sections in place and the third ready to be lifted, there was a genuine feeling of confidence and achievement within the cohort. As they reflected on a very tough and wet Wednesday where they had surpassed their mentors’ and their expectations with a remarkable team performance, that defied rain, wind and inexperience to catch-up time and get back on schedule, it was fantastic to see.

And in the morning session, they didn’t rest on their laurels. The full team was mobilised and ready to go as they arranged the final lift, hand tightened the structural bolts, supervised the welding of handrails, installed bracing and demobilised the crane with minimum fuss and a level of calm not usually associated with the final scheduled build day of a major project. As a special thanks to Kingi and Squeezy for all their help, patience and support the team rewarded them with the gift of chocolate! We also have to thank Tony Whittred and his who team assisted with the handrail welding on the bridge a critical element required for public opening.

Our final morning visitors were the team from Pulp Vision, who underook laser scanning of the structure – providing the team with a 4D Virtual Site map integrated with BIM for the build.

At lunchtime, we welcome Seppe Embrechts from partners Seymour Whyte who gave a fantastic overview of a career in engineering from a non-engineers perspective and the benefits that can be had from ensuring that everyone involved in a project can work collaboratively for to create the best outcomes. And as Seppe is about to jet off to a conference in Bordeaux, he also outlined some of the opportunities that await our young professionals with a career that can take them to any part of the globe. Thanks also to Seymour Whyte’s Regional Manager, Will MacDonald for calling in and spending time with the team.

We were also joined by a delegation from QUT who were very keen to see how Constructionarium Australia operates and the opportunities that exist for future collaboration, particularly by involving engineering students in a future build.

The afternoon session going through QA checks, with partners HDR undertaking the Final Level 2 inspection with the participants to ensure safe public opening for tomorrow – its safe to say that the structure the bolts and certainly our team’s QA manager were under pressure and thoroughly tested.

The team spent the remained of the day tidying the site, sorting equipment and getting everything ready for the grand opening of the bridge on Friday at 11:30 am. And when the tools had been away, the laptops switched off, and the hi-vis hung up for the day, it was time for an evening of networking at QMCA’s End of Financial Year Beer & Pizza evening, where our cohort had the opportunity to meet and mingle with the great and the good of Queensland’s construction sector.

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