The Bridge to Equality – Final Wrap Up

On time and ahead of schedule – Day 7 Wrap
June 28, 2019
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The Bridge to Equality – Final Wrap Up

As the sun shone on Friday morning, there was a celebratory mood in the air at The Construction Training Centre as our cohort put together the final touches to the site ahead of the grand opening at 11:30 am. As the site was tidied, banners hung, mortaring finished the stresses, challenges and rain that had made life interesting over the previous few days were well behind them. It was also a time for many of the team to reflect on what they had achieved as part of the programme and the construction of their bridge, which they christened The Bridge to Equality.

After seven extremely tough days, the team were right to be in high spirits; they had acquired new skills, created a strong network, gained exposure to every aspect of a major project and undertaking tasks and roles well outside of there comfort zone. From our PhD students to our engineers every member of the team had taken something away from The Story Bridge Build that would be with them for the rest of their careers – there is a certainty that ‘Harry’s Logic’ will become a cornerstone of Queensland Civil and Engineering projects for the next generation.

As the team made their final preparations, we were joined by Edward George and Tom Williams of Seymour Whyte, who, armed with the latest in laser scanning technology, undertook a full scan of the Bridge. Using Trimble Clarity Viewer, you can jump from station to station, make annotations and measure distances, showing what is becoming possible in the digital engineering space. See the full output at

Before the opening, we welcomed Erin Oldman from Mates In Construction who gave a talk on the challenges that working in the industry can hold and the level of support available to industry and individuals who are working in construction.

So at 11:30 the team gathered welcomed VIP’s John Kirkwood of Seymour Whyte and Bryan McSweeney of Department of Transport and Main Roads to cut the decorative flagging and officially open the story bridge! And with scissors flashing in the sunlight, the ribbons were cut, and the bridge opened, and our cohort, guests, visitors and supporters all took their opportunity to walk over the bridge and to grab photos and memories to mark the day.

In the afternoon, it was time for our industry Q&A panel, where we welcomed female leaders from across the industry to pass on their insights and experiences to the cohort. In a fun, frank, inspiring and entertaining session our panellists shared their experiences of working and building a career in construction and engineering. Thanks to our participants and moderator Romy Short, Communication Manager of Fulton Hogan, for their time and support;

  • Lauren Karan – Chair-  Membership Committee of NAWIC
  • Alison Price – founder and Managing Director of SoilCyclers, Queensland’s largest mobile soil recycling, decontamination, amelioration and waste reduction business.
  • Dr Fiona Lamari – Lecturer in Construction Project Management from the Science and Engineering Faculty of the Queensland University of Technology
  • Eva Cho – Design Manager Seymour Whyte Construction
  • Jenny McMillan – DTMR Project Director, Gateway Upgrade North Project

And that was that. After eight days, our all-female Story Bridge Build came to an end.

Constructionarium would like to acknowledge, Amandine Daniel, Jason Edge, Chris Stanley and Tanya Winter for their leadership, mentoring, support and patience as they gave their time, knowledge, insights and experience to help our cohort to gain the knowledge and skills required to succeed through this build.

Special thanks and congratulations must go out to our participants, who gave everything they had over the eight days of the programme and participated with expertise, knowledge, enthusiasm, spirit and passion to succeed. Everyone at Constructionarium Australia has been impressed by their leadership and potential – our industry is in great shape with the quality of next-generation leaders we have coming through.

We would also like to thank each employer who enabled their team members to be part of the programme and acknowledge the investment they were prepared to make in their people and their organisation’s future leaders. Thanks to Soil Cyclers, AECOM, Department of Transport & Main Roads, BMD, Seymour Whyte, Pumps United and Kane Constructions.

Finally, on behalf of Constructionarium Australia, we would like to thank our supporters who have made4 this build possible. They were:

  • Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Queensland Major Contractors Association
  • BMD Group
  • Seymour Whyte
  • The Construction Training Centre
  • WH&S More Skills
  • Trimble
  • Coates Hire
  • HDR

What’s next for Constructionarium Australia…watch this space…there are plans ahead for future builds and programmes as we help to provide opportunity and positive learning and development experiences for our sector.

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