Constructionarium Australia's vision is to ensure Australia’s engineers have the practical skills to construct Australia’s future.

About Constructionarium Australia

Constructionarium is a new initiative in Australia to develop practically minded engineers. Constructionarium Australia Limited was established as a not for profit organisation in July 2016.  It builds upon a hugely successful concept that has been running for over a decade in the UK where over 1000 students participate each year from a range of different universities.

Constructionarium Australia retains strong links to the UK Constructionarium.

Constructionarium provides a safe environment for new engineers to develop team working skills, problem solving capabilities and hands on experience building a replica of a larger structure.

Constructionarium is a hands-on learning experience – an exceptional opportunity for young professionals to develop practical project development, leadership and team skills.

Typically students of the programme work as a team and together learn to plan, tender, build and handover a scale project – a Challenge – that resembles an iconic civil engineering feat – bridge, building, tower or other structure.

Each Challenge is constructed in five days, with three days planning and training prior to the build week. Participants gain experience in all aspects of an engineering project including project and issues management, safety, budgetary control and timely project delivery.

The Australian version is unique in that participants are drawn from different organisations from different sectors rather than a single cohort of students. This exposes young engineers to a more realistic project situation where they must get to know each other quickly to form effective teams.

“Over the five day build, participants gain skills and experience that would take one or two years to learn in the course of normal projects”.

BMD , Aurecon and TMR performed the first successful build at Springfield in September 2016 by constructing a 9m tall version of the Barcelona Tower (the Torre De Collserola, Barcelona, Spain). The project involved 18 students (6 from each organisation) and was a huge success.

The second Challenge was more ambitious – a 24m long, 5 tonne version of the Story Bridge. Sponsored by Downer, HDR, the Queensland State Department of Transport and Main Roads, Transurban Qld and The University of Queensland, the challenge was successfully constructed by 18 participants from these organisations in September 2017.

More than just building

While each Challenge is underpinned by a syllabus including some specific learning objectives, Constructionarium Australia is about more than just learning practical on-site construction skills.

The hands-on approach ensures that participants gain experience in teamwork, project management, role responsibilities, safety regulations and the important recognition of the work and efforts

Challenges are underpinned by participants working together and so build network and collaboration skills.  In addition, challenges develop cross disciplinary and cross sector understanding, since participants are drawn from different engineering disciplines, different sectors and different organisations. important in today’s world.

Networking with sponsors and previous participants, and becoming a part of our Constructionarium Alumni helps to create career pathways for young engineers, and introduces them to other young professionals.

Constructionarium Australia is very grateful to its key sponsors and founding members, but also to supporters such as the Construction Training Centre (CTC), WH&S MoreSkills, DWW Engineering, and USQ.

Constructionarium Australia is seeking to build a network of these support and sponsor organisations that links all sectors and engineering and construction disciplines and unites these around a common goal of encouraging, mentoring and developing the next generation of engineers that can together build this nation – and global futures.

Constructionarium Australia is now proudly connecting Queensland’s next generation of engineers with some of the industry’s brightest and most successful professionals.

Constructionarium Australia values

– Respect differing viewpoints

– Embrace innovation

– Celebrate achievement

– Foster collaborations

– Culture of safety excellence

– Empowering participation

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