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In June 2019, Constructionarium Australia, supported by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Major Contractors Association, BMD Constructions and Seymour Whyte, is undertaking an all-female build of Brisbane’s iconic Story Bridge.

To align with International Women In Engineering Day on 23 June, Constructionarium Australia is embarking on our latest project, an all-female build of a Brisbane icon – The Story Bridge.

The training and construction programme is being supported by Trimble, HDR, NAWIC, Coates Hire, WH&S More Skills and it will take place at The Construction Training Centre.

Comprising a three-day training programme and five-day build, participants have the opportunity to be part of a unique cohort and benefit from a dedicated learning and development experience with one outcome in mind; to create future female leaders within Queensland’s construction sector.

Apply now to be part of this year’s Story Bridge build

Constructionarium Australia is calling for participants from key Queensland organisations to be part of the build, including the Department of Transport and Main Roads, QMCA Members, BMD, Seymour Whyte, NAWIC and universities to form the project team responsible for every aspect of the build.

Over the five-day build, participants will gain skills and experience that would take one or two years to learn in the course of normal projects. They will manage all aspects of an engineering project including project and issues management, safety, budgetary control and timely project delivery.

Applications for participants are now open.

Being part of this innovative cohort of future female construction leaders represents a fantastic opportunity for early stage career professionals from the engineering, design and contracting industries, and final year civil engineering students. Participants will gain significant experience and exposure within a positive learning environment designed to add real-world, practical skills to your knowledge.

As a result, Constructionarium Australia is seeking the strongest possible applicants who demonstrate a desire and commitment to be part of a once in a lifetime opportunity.

In return, participants will receive access to industry leaders, dedicated learning and training sessions, group and individual mentoring as well as the opportunity to form a close-knit network of future leaders who are about to embark on their careers in engineering and construction in Queensland.

Providing the next generation of engineers with a hands-on experience

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