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Challenge 1: The Barcelona Tower

Challenge 2: The Story Bridge

Recent Articles

  • Second Project Underway – Story Bridge Replica October 31, 2017- After the success of the Barcelona TV Tower, Constructionarium Australia is back for another year. This time, the students involved […]
  • Work Has Commenced October 31, 2017- So far the first week has consisted of eating a hearty breakfast, learning the in’s and out’s of power tools, […]
  • Story Bridge Build Live Stream September 14, 2017- Our second challenge, a replica of the Story Bridge, is now underway! You can check out our progress via live […]
  • Training Day for Constructionarium Participants September 4, 2017- The participants of the Pilot Constructionarium Australia are fully trained and are now ready to start building. We’re so excited […]
  • Challenge 1 Complete! Barcelona TV Tower October 31, 2016- That’s a wrap on the first ever Constructionarium Australia project. The students all walked away with a positive experience and […]

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